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The "Illuminati Card Game" and how it's played with YOUR life!

The illuminati card game was created in the 1980s. The creators and players of the card game are really unknown, however, Steve Jackson has received the accolades for creating the card game. Ironically, the card game is still being sold on Amazon. This is why I find it very disturbing that YouTube removed this video from my channel platform and stated I "May Have" violated some BS🧐🧐 guideline that YouTube fails to be able to properly state.

YouTube can only exist because Our Father in Heaven who, when He said let there be light" created what we call the "Electromagnetic Spectrum"! However, the kingdom of darkness has hijacked the spectrum! They've hijacked the spectrum in order to keep humanity in the dark! They've also hijacked the spectrum because it's the only way they can micromange humanity! Unlike The Most High, the adversary and the kingdom of darknes are not omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent!

I created this video in 2020 or maybe even late 2019. The prayer was for coverage because this card game was created by people who've made alliances with the adversary of Yah's Throne. People like Hawk Newsome, original activist for Black Lives Matter, are moving pieces in this game. When Markel and I visited the Supreme Court to cover the Byron Allen case against Comcast, Hawk Newsome was there playing the part of another activist for another organization, thus the Black Activist Card. Did you know there's a "Purge" card in the "illuminati card game"? Remeber, these cards were created in the 1980s! There's also a card that shows the World Trade Center Towers going down and the Pentagon being blown up, in this blasphemous card game. People died in these historical tragedies. Actually, each of these cards created in the 1980s have been a part of our lives, since, in some form. How is that possible?

This is why I say this game is being played with our lives. Now, why would YouTube remove my video for exposing this? Well, again, the kingdom of darkness has hijacked the electromagnetic spectrum to continue to hold humanity in the dark! Wake up!

Get your copy of Marked: The Beginning of the End to see how Yah will be revealed in these last days. Marked: The Beginning of the End is the first installment in my Trilogy Marked. It's a story of Jonathen Peterson, a young man who took an oath at his grandfathers church, when Jonathan was a young boy. This oath begins to resurface as he grows into his adolescent years and becomes fully revelead when he's able to jump over an incoming train and engages in a battle against the current day "Church"! He has been given "Dunamis" supernatural powers by Yah and guided by others Yah has planted in his journey. Get your copy of Marked this holiday season to see where Yah is taking us and watch this video about the illuminati card game to see how the adversary tricked us.

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