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GOD honors the covenant! Why the kingdom of darkness has the Right to Kill!

The death of Anne Heche has been a thorn in my side. The amount of celebrities passing in very short intervals, the rapper Coolio just the other day, is exhausting. I’m aware. We all have appointed times, but not convinced the demise of Anne Heche was natural. Viewing the live footage of Anne Heche’s crash felt like being a witness to a murder. We saw her alive, then we are told she died.

I watched a video discussing Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown. The interview was on Chronicles Speaks, a YouTube channel. Dr. Jollie Harris, a holistic food prophet claimed to have revised Bobbi Kristina from her coma and believes she could have been saved. The fact that Pat Houston was given the role of power of attorney over Bobbi Kristina is uncomfortable, to say the least. Bobbi Kristina's Grandmother (Cissy Houston), Father (Bobby Brown), and God-mother (Cee Cee Winans), were unavailable to ensure her safety? After what happened to Whitney, which in my opinion was another televised ritual, she was still able to be taken out? Didn’t Clive Davis and all the other celebrities know what the viewers knew? Didn't they know Whitney Houston’s body had not been moved from upstairs, as they partied at his pre grammy circus, downstairs, same hotel?

The Holy Spirit has been stirring my spirit with the word "Contract" for some time. I was unprepared to accept the premise that one would sign a contract, forfeiting their God-given life-span. However, I randomly listened to the testimony of a woman who was denouncing her sorority. The woman defined her allegiance to the sorority, as a “Covenant”. The Holy Spirit works like this at times. He led me to her video to reconsider the meaning of that term and its relation to the “Contract". A contract is a legal and binding agreement between two parties. A covenant is also a legally binding agreement between two parties, but it has an ancient construct and moral turpitude. Celebrities are being aligned in some sort of covenant that allows them to be ritualized.

The right to perform these deeds is attached to the contract. The contracts establish a covenant. God honors covenants. I know God honors His covenants, but He also honors the covenant one has chosen to make with the kingdom of darkness. Crafty wording, desperation, greed, vanity, insecurity, and fame feening, are all probable contributors to signing such a deal, but even in good will, these covenants are binding. Like the woman denouncing her sorority, the only way out is to denounce the covenant, maybe even publicly, possibly taking a loss. Some denunciations may cause death. Even in this unfortunate event, public denunciation still may be worth it. The soul can still be salvaged. The scripture talks about the worthlessness of losing one's soul for earthly gain (Mark 8:36). The scriptures also reminds us that God is not willing that any should perish (2Peter 3:9). God is warning us to stay away from this type of covenant with wickedness. It just may cause you to forfeit your God-given time on this earth!

As implied in my book, Marked: The Beginning of the End, we are at the end of ages, and God is seeking both Jew and Gentile. Repent and seek Him while He may be found!

The return of Christ. Imminent!

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