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Marked: The return of the giants coming soon! Marked: The beginning of the End, available now.

The Abraham accord signals the end of a dispensation. The sorrow and the joy promised.

The sons of disobedience have run a muck through the universe and, as far as they can, venture and ultimately confirm The Most High's declarations! All their plans, strategies, secrets, prisoners, thefts, murders, accomplices, and leaders will be revealed only to reveal the antichrist, thus hastening their final era and signaling their horrific end. Jonathan wins souls until the established time, leaving a seed in every region he lands while fighting giants who have appeared, as there is no place to hide in this dispensation. Their end has come. "As my grandfather once told me," Jonathan says. "The kingdom of darkness don't know the plans of God, but they totally understand their end." So their army appears. The men of renown, dead and being played by actors to extend their persona and authority over the world while rotting carcasses in the ground, spirits crying out in terror at those who were human. No rest.

As I walk in this new world, not the new world order, but the new order of the world, the rulers have changed the laws renewed, some good, some bad, but enough to carry this new way of living to its desired end which is the will of the Lord for the satisfactory closure of this part of life…As many humans learn about slavery, I am learning about freedom. Generation Z is learning their dunamis power through Christ Jesus and yielding it appropriately; the sons of disobedience continue to carry on their father's nature even as the fear of the promise draws closer; they fight. Some of the sons of disobedience begin to commit suicide in the hope of escaping their doom. Jah is sovereign! The reprobate commits suicide and then hears the voice of the One who sits in His Holy Habitation as they meet their fathers in the lake of fire.

The world has never seen the hand of Yah in their lives as they see now. Nor have they understood their enemy as they currently do. So, it's just battles like firemen going through a collapsing building. They use the standing foundations to pass through, securing and searching to save any living survivor. Why? Because cries can still be heard.

Marked: The Beginning of the End is available now!


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