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Jeffrey Epstein and Keith Raniere have finally been apprehended.

I can't remember a time when sex cults/pimps earned such a pervasive slot in everyday news. There's a list of names, wildly, floating around also. Supposedly Epstein's little black book. It unveils several high profile people. I've seen the list and my guess is, everyone that visited Epstein Island isn't on the list, and the people listed weren't all there for deviant behavior with children. So, I'll wait for the courts to release names. The arrests of Epstein and conviction of Raniere are only the tip of the iceberg. Together, these two men have the potential to expose high profile oligarchs, socialites, politicians, athletes, actors, musicians, clergy, and countless other prostitute clients.

Whatever the case, both Raniere and Epstein are in danger of losing everything. According to President Trumps's Executive Order 13818 of December 2017, all their possessions, at least in the United States, are going to be, if not already, seized. Raniere and Epstein are worth millions if not billions. I pray recompense for their victims and life in prison as recompense for society.

While I'm content with the arrests of Raniere and Epstein, I'm not satisfied with the number of missing children, in the world, and can't help wonder if there's a connection between any of the missing children and these two pimps.

If you have any information about Jeffrey Epstein, please call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).

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