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I still believe R. Kelly's true victims are "buried and dead!"

R. Kelly made a statement in the interview he gave Gayle King on CBS News, which aired last year. I can't quiet that statement from playing over and over in my head. Thus far, I haven't heard anyone address his statement. This is why I'm addressing it, again, in this post as I addressed it in July 2019.

Listen to Kelly's statement made between the 5:53-6:19 mark.

With men like Jeffrey Epstein, Keith Raniere, and Harvey Weinstein providing sex slaves to the rich and famous, it's reasonable to wonder if Kelly, a rich and famous man with a proven appetite for young girls, really saw these chained girls. Thus, reasonable to wonder, especially after hearing his statement, if Kelly has been privy to a sadistic underworld and possibly an accomplice to murder. Have any of you ever seen girls tied up in chains with no way out? That's not a common statement. I pray justice prevails! Steve Greenberg should be ashamed of his career! Don't forget he also represented Drew Peterson.

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