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"Con" Edison?

What's the probability of New York City experiencing a blackout on the same day July 13, in 1977 and 2019? I searched for similarities, contrast, etc., between the two events. The blackout in 1977, was far more disruptive to the system and a reoccurring theme was overwhelmingly probed by the press and other officials. That theme was Con Edison's ability to adequately service the city. Yet, Con Ed is still in place. Charles Luce was the Con Ed board chairman in 1977. Currently, John McAvoy is the Chief Executive Officer. Watching McAvoy's press statement caused me to ponder the same questions as the press and officials of 1977. Is gross negligence really an adequate conclusion? Whatever the case, I urge New Yorkers to look into other energy companies available in the city and consider ditching Con Ed, if possible.

John McAvoy - press clip. Wow, it's magic! He wasn't surprised when the lights came on in the middle of his speech?

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